For the love of surf, sun, sand and community


Rote Island Huts is your home away from home.

We invite you to adventure, play and relax in paradise.

What's more, your holiday supports the local community

through our charity Mercy Huts

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Surfing Rote Island

If you dream of paradise in search of the perfect wave, Rote is your destination. Here you will find a world-class set of waves, well away from the crowds found in other Indonesian islands. There’s also a family-friendly break aptly ‘Squeelers’ which is fit for children and surfers of all levels.

Stylish Huts

All our bungalows have been thoughtfully designed with you AND the environment in mind. The simple yet elegant design capture the natural breezes, have beautiful thatched alang roofs and private outdoor bathrooms. We have 2 accommodation options: The Family Bungalow and Couples Treehouse

Getting to Rote

Rote Island is 500km North West of the Australian coast and it is the closest Indonesian island to Australia. We are positioned in the most beautiful area of Rote Island, Nemberala beach. This location ensures peaceful bliss away from the hustle and bustle.  Rote has been referred to as ‘like Bali, 30 years ago’. 


What Sets Us Apart

We promote holidays WITH purpose

  • World class surfing, diving and fishing
  • 100% profits go back into community development projects
  • Built and run by Rotenese workers to support the local economy
  • Family-friendly with activities for wives and children
  • Opportunity to connect with the local community & Rote Childrens Home

"We love the surfing. There's something for all of us at every level. Coming from that busy Western society where we think we've got it all together, coming and experiencing Rote makes you think about the important things in life. Plus it's not going to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact it will probably end up being the most affordable holiday you'll ever have"

Simon & Danielle Beaufils
Family Holiday testimonial

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